The Gray Man

Shane Zeigler, as John, made me nervous in just the right way. (It’s a nice contrast to his role in the rollicking 2013 comedy ‘Clown Bar.’)” — Ken Jaworowski, The New York Times
“As John, the charming Shane Zeigler terrifically employs a snappy New York delivery and bodily grace reminiscent of James Cagney during his early 1930’s Warner Brothers Pictures performances.” — Darryl Reilly, Theater Scene
Shane Zeigler‘s John is that fun-loving friend we’ve all had and brings some much needed levity to this dark production” — Tyler Ianuzi, Stage Buddy
“His one friend, John, played by a swaggering Shane Zeigler, has no time for him.” — Juliet Hindell, Tribeca Trib

Clown Bar

Shane Zeigler, as Happy, boasts superb comic timing and an excellent deadpan.” — Ken Jaworowski, The New York Times
Shane Zeigler gives the lead detective a voice like Batman and an attitude like Leslie Nielson: so square he’s hilarious.” — Aaron Grunfeld, The Fifth Wall
“As one of ‘The Beige People,’ the only non-clown Happy, handsome and very talented Shane Zeigler stands out as the deadpan cynical detective.  Dressed in a trench coat and fedora, he commandingly suggests Humphrey Bogart, Robert Mitchum, John Garfield, and Robert Stack all rolled into one.” — Darryl Reilly, Theater Scene
“There is nothing funnier than watching great actors play such ridiculousness with utter conviction. Shane Zeigler keeps a chiseled straight face the entire time as Happy, the cop who escaped clown life who’s now back to avenge his brother, Timmy.” — Mary Notari,
“This is an immensely talented ensemble, led effortlessly by the too-suave-for-words Mr. Zeigler…our devastatingly handsome and deeply haunted protagonist, Happy.” — Julia Hochner, New York Theatre Review

Why You Beasting?

Shane Zeigler, leading this astounding cast as Mr. Rudy Donovan, navigated every hairpin turn with such precision that it made for a smooth ride for those fortunate enough to climb aboard.”    —  Joyce Bender, UsherNonsense
Shane Zeigler exposes Rudy Donovan as an earnest, determined and dedicated novice teacher who falls victim to many battles before understanding victory.” — David Roberts, NY Fringe Critic

Giant Killer Slugs

“At the heart of the story is Merritt (Shane Zeigler), the decent but moody local sheriff, a widower who only wants to move on to Denver to start a new life…….The most effective turns, then, come from those actors playing things straight. Zeigler’s brooding Merritt is nuanced and funny.”    —  Mark Dundas Wood, BackStage

Fat Kids On Fire

Fat Kids on Fire probes the darker psychology of wanting to be skinny and popular and its effects on those who surrender to that desire.  Zeigler nicely plays the virtuous counselor Mark who tries to spurn Bess’s advances.” —Shoshana Greenberg,